Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Dad

On February 7, 2010 I lost my 96 year old Dad, Robert Allison Archey. He had been my Dad for almost 73 years. He was wonderful man and I am missing him so very much. I was lucky to have him for so long I know. After my Mom and husband died, it was just kinda my Dad and I taking care of each other. Tho we did not live together, we saw each other almost everyday. I never walked into his house without him giving me a great big smile and a laugh. It is so sad to lose those you love, but I think he stuck around just to see if I was going to be OK and when he thought I was, he was ready to go. He had been really missing my Mom, Zelma for almost 7 years. He quite often called me Zelma. They were both wonderful and I shall miss them more than anyone will ever know.

I am hoping Dad is up there in heaven dancing with my Mom and that my husband is playing the trumpet for for them. Love you all. Always will.

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