Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lump Update

I am one lucky person. Also a very thankful person. I do not have cancer after all!!! Oh how I wish more people could get this news.

No squamous cell cancer!!! They now believe my lump was something called Branchial Cleft Cyst and that my friends is not cancer!! Something that may have formed when I was a embryo. In Greek, Branchial means "gill". (Is probably why all my kids were such good swimmers!!) Some kind of infection most likely caused lump to grow, because after taking antibiotics, the lump did shrink somewhat. Not sure I understand entirely yet, but am working on it.

If they had been able to determine this earlier, I would not have had to have 5 hours of surgery or removal of lump, muscle, veins, lymph nodes & who knows what else. Guess you can live with them. One good thing is that I guess this will cause the medical profession to maybe take larger biopsies in the future, not just fine needle biopsies. My doctor actually apologized!

So now I am working on recovering for 4-6 weeks. Am feeling pretty good considering and really feeling good about not having to go thru radiation or chemo. Am sure once numbness and swelling go away, I will be almost good as new. Thank you, thank you dear family and friends, I know your prayers made this happen. Love you all.


Traci said...

So grateful to hear such great news. I hope you are feeling stronger and stronger everyday. I am sorry you had to go surgery but at least you have good news and can move forward from here. Love ya!

Jenny from the Block said...

Thank goodness.

Love you