Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Wonderful Winter Break

I returned a couple of weeks ago from a most wonderful month in Florida. This is the first time I have gotten to stay that long. Amazing how fast that month passed by. The weather was great with most days in the 80's, but the nights cooled off, so it was good sleeping weather. I stay with my old friend, Joann. She has been my friend for over 40 years. Used to be 4 couples of us were in Florida together every year, but as the years have passed, our group has gotten smaller and smaller and now only the 2 of us get down there. Sad!

Jeanne and Richard took us out on their boat one day. We went to Cabbage Key to have a cheeseburger in paradise. I love going there. The day we went was a beautiful day.

Deedee, Mary Lou, Joann and I also went out on a gambling boat, the Big M and that was another beautiful day. And I won. Course I only play nickles, but hey, who cares if ya can win!! We eat out at the Shrimp Shack every Thursday night. Got to Captain Con's a couple of times, a German place, the Lazy Flamingo, the Island Cow and a new pizza place we all liked. We went shopping, spent time at the library, ate lots of key lime pie, ate a bit of ice cream, read 5 books and think we went to pool every day but two days. Met lots of new people. Had a car the whole time, which is really nice. Think we went someplace everyday. The day I returned it was in the 60's in GR and felt pretty good. when I arrived home, was delighted to see most of the snow had melted. Sadly spring did not last and a storm came last night and today. I could not even get my doors open. Sounds like it is going to be a cold week also. Guess I came home to soon!! But it is nice to be home. Now I am thinking about spring cleaning, yard and garden work. May have to take another road trip once the snow gets gone again.


Jean said...

Hi Patti! I'm no techie so shouldn't be attempting to help ANYone having a technical difficulty! But just wondered if you're using "old editor" or "new editor" in Blogspot. I have a whole different set of problems with each of them, but overall I think I have less trouble with the old.

Traci said...

The pictures are beautiful. I know you loved your time there.