Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So proud of my son and another adventure

At the end of January I took a trip, via Amtrak out to Iowa for my son, Evan's induction into his high school Hall of Fame for his swimming achievements. Of my 7 children, Evan is the only one to be in a Hall of Fame.  It was a very special and wonderful occasion and honor. 

He gave a wonderful acceptance speech.  He included his whole family,, friends and coaches in his speech and told how each  had inspired him and helped him attain his swimming goals.  He still holds 4 records after all this time. He attend high school from 1991-1994.

All his siblings were able to attend except one.  In fact about 30 friends and family attended in his honor.


Evan, his wife Traci and daughters, Tori and Tessa traveled all the way from Arkansas for the induction.  It was a very quick and long trip for them especially with the new baby.  It was also the first time for most of the family to meet Tessa. 
I am so glad I was able to attend.  My only regret was that Evan's dad wasn't still around to be there.  He would have been so proud of his "Big Evan" as he affectionately called his 6'5" son.  Evan paid great tribute to his Dad during his speech. Always makes me cry!

Returning home from Iowa turned out to be a new adventure.  First of all I was delayed for two days because of blizzard that hit Chicago really hard.  I took for the first time the Mega Bus from Des Moines to Chicago and then the train from Chicago to Michigan.  Mega Bus pretty good, especially because it only cost me 50 cents.  When I got to Chicago, Union Station was so busy I could not believe it.  People were stacked up everywhere and all the trains were late.  I got into Michigan 2 hours late.  Luckily my dear brother had stopped in Holland and shoveled my car out for me.  Would have taken me forever.  As it was I did not get home until almost midnight.  I was one tired gal. 
 It was all well worth it tho.  Anytime I can spend time with all my family is a great time and I will do it every chance I get!

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