Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I stole some of the pictures from my son - sorry big E.

While in Arkansas I got Tori some planting tools and then she and I one day planted a big pot of pansies. It was great fun and Tori was a really big help. She has promised to care for them and and think of me when she does.

We got all the dirt and flowers in the pots and then Tori very carefully watered everything and then we cleaned up our mess.

Here is our finished work. We were both very tired after all our hard work, but so proud of how beautiful it turned out. I just could not have done it all without Tori!

Altho we got no work from Katy and Jonathan, they wanted to be in the picture also. So we said OK.

A few more pictures of spring break fun with our family.
The elusive Hayden , not looking real happy!

My sons, Evan and Ethan.

My wonderful daughters in laws, Maya and Traci .

Tori, Lydia and Maddie. Cousins having fun together.

Elie and Jonathan enjoying the pool and warm sunshine.

It was a great time and wonderful to spend time with our family.

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