Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter from long ago

Today I am having memories of many happy, Easter Bunny mornings with all my children running around with their little baskets fanatically searching for the biggest share of hidden eggs and goodies. Also remember many Easters getting dressed in our best finery and all going to church together. Also remember many wonderful Easter dinners over the years.

There is one Easter tho that stands out among all the others. It was the Easter that my old sweetie brought home 6 darling baby chicks (kids called them peeps). He had gotten one for each of the kids. We had an old chicken coop and he thought that it would be good for us to have a few chickens. for eggs and such. He brought a light to keep them warm and we kept them in a box in the dining room, until that became a very big problem. Then they were moved to the basement, as they were to small for the coop yet. We lost one, but the others grew and thrived and grew some more. Problem was that no one told him that all those peeps were roosters. These guys turned into very, very large roosters and they became meaner than striped snakes. None of us could go into the yard with without a broom or something to defend ourselves. Daily kids were coming screaming into the house because they were being chased by a rooster. There were many stories that sprung up because of those birds.

As I recall the only way we got away from them was to move!! All I can say is, if you are inclined to buy yourself some chickens during these tough times, please make sure you are getting some hens in the mix!!

Happy Easter to all.

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