Friday, February 6, 2009


Surprise, surprise - I am back. Been awhile. Sorry bout that. But just look, I at long last have figured out how to add music. Aren't ya proud of me? Am having a little problem tho. I wanted to add a couple more songs after downloading this thing and now I can't seem to add to them. Bummer.

I wanted to post a really cool picture that Elie took, but she is so busy with new job and all, she has had no time to download her pictures for me. So as of now this post shall remain pictureless.

Some of you know that the Georgia Johnston's gave me a really cool GPS system for Christmas. Do believe I need to travel somewhere besides Gramp's house and the Red Cross to really get the full use of it. Right now all it seems to want to do is recalculate. Someone told me I had to name the woman that speaks on it. I have come up with a couple - let me know what you think.
#1 Sally Forth #2 Miley. Am also open for more suggestions.

Today I decided to drive to Scottville and try to find their post office. Old Sally or Miley did a mighty fine job. Of course you must keep in mind that the downtown of Scottville is only two blocks long!!

We actually had a sunny day today and some of that stuff that builds up around your tires and wheel wells actually fell off. Yeah!! My poor car is a wholly mess. Can't wait to wash it inside and out.

It is getting way past my bedtime so guess I had better close for now. Love ya all.


BigE said...

Hi Mom,

Nice to jave you back!
Great playlist. Fitting...
Get them pictures out there!

Love ya lots!

Traci said...

Hooray!!!!! I had almost given up. I'm glad you added your favorite tunes. I've not figured out a trick to add more music to your playlist once you have uploaded it to your blog. Maybe we can figure something out together. Miss you! Love, Traci

Karen said...

Glad to see you are blogging again. Way to go on adding some tunes!
Take care,