Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long Time No Bloggin!

So I just opened my drapes in the office and guess what! It is snowing like crazy and it is sticking! Oh woe is me!!

Sorry I have been so lax in keeping this blog up to date. I decided I wanted to go private, so I can post pictures and not have to worry about some stranger stealing them. From what I read there are folks that do that. So... it has taken me a while to figure out how to do that. Hopefully I have figured it out. Have sent a bunch of invites out to a bunch of you, so will see who wants to read my blog and who doesn't, I guess!! Suppose if I invite folks to read it, I will have to have something to read. I will try to do better.

For some reason I have been very busy. The leaves have been calling and getting the stuff put away for the winter has been a task this year. Must be getting old or something. Planning Gramps party took a lot of time (but it was worth it). Getting ready for the Grand Hotel trip also took some planning - hey I had to dress up every night - do you know how long it has been since I have had to do that?? That meant trying on a zillions outfits to see what still fits. Poppie always would help me decide what looked good, but now I have to do it on my own. Probably really looked goofy in some outfits. Oh well, what is a gal to do? All these things take a long time anymore!

Red Cross is keeping me busy and the Senior Center Journey Program should be, but has been kinda sporadic this year so far. Most of you know I am working for a couple gals to bring in a little extra cash - who can't use more cash in these times?? Still do all of Gramps shopping and try to see him everyday.

It was a wonderful summer - even tho it seemed quite short this year. Loved having family & friends here - but missed a few of you.

Nothing is happening with the sale of the house. But notice that not much is moving here. Hopefully things will pick up next summer. Got to put some money into pool, if I am going to open it next spring. Sprung a leak underneath it - bummer.

Have been looking at a bunch of senior living places around here to see what I think of them. So far not too much!! Suppose Gramps place should be my choice - if there is anything left of it!!

Well this is it for now. My friends Sandy and Nancy Jo are coming up to visit this week(deer hunting widows) and am trying to clean up the old place and think of things to eat!! Guess what? It is still snowing!!

Will post some summer pics and party pics soon. Really I will!

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Traci said...

SO glad to see you posting again. Miss you lots. Traci