Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some news from Karen, Eddy and Owen.

Am sitting here again in a winter wonderland. I do believe the sky has broken!! Just spoke to Evan and they are all safe, thank goodness after such terrible storms rolled across AR. Such very strange weather even for them at this time of year. See the storms are headed toward GA today, so now there is another worry!!

I want to tell you all that one of the best gifts you all ever gave me, was the snow blower. It has really gotten a workout this year and I do not know what I would do without it. I really never thought I would say a snow blower was the best gift, but believe me it is true!!

As some of you know, Elie came over and had dinner with me last Sunday. Was so nice to have someone to eat with.(so much better than eating at the sink with peanut butter on a knife!) She is working hard at starting over. Know it is hard. Sure she could use encouragement from everyone.

Had a long phone call from Elin last night. They are all fine, busy as usual. Ian is getting ready to go to another school dance. Elin, Terry and Anna went skiing last weekend and by the sounds of it, it may be Elin's last time to ski. Sounds like it did not go to well. She has also quit smoking, which is a very good thing!

Both Katy and Jenny have also had their school dances and I understand they both looked beautiful.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could get some pics to show you all? Maybe someone will send me some!
If they do I will post them for all to see!

Last night I rec'd a nice note and pics from Karen that I am going to post. Little Owen is growing up so fast. Will be 6 months old in 2 days. Wow where does the time go. I have got to get to Iowa before long, can hardly stand it. I'm a working on it!!

Have been writing a little business which is very good. When weather gets a little better, I may go out and visit a few customers, maybe Bob can go with me. Love you all and miss you.

Here is note and pics from Karen:

Owen and Mom

Here are some recent photos of little Owen. He is growing like a weed and really has a great personality. He is so much fun. We can't just lay him down on the floor anymore because he just rolls to where ever he wants to go. He is also sitting up pretty well by himself. Owen is an active little guy and really likes his "Johnny Jump Up." He'll jump in that thing for a good 1/2 hour or so! It is hard to believe that Owen will be 6 months old on Friday. Eddy is a wonderful dad and has been doing a great job staying home with Owen part time while my mom is recovering from her radiation treatments. We hope that she can come back and start watching Owen again soon. Right now she is recovering from the flu, so we are also dog sitting Macy. Macy is a great house guest and likes to sit on my lap with Owen for story time. I only have 7 more days at my current employer. I have been with Holmes Murphy for 9 years as a Client Service Executive. It is quite a demanding job with lots of extra hours and stress. I decided that it just wasn't worth it anymore. I will be starting a new job at GuideOne Insurance Company on February 29th as a Product Management Specialist. I will be working in their product development department. The position will be project based and my life will no longer revolve around renewal dates. I am so excited! I would like to thank Traci and Patti for motivating me to keep in better touch with family and friends. I am very impressed by both of their blogs and have enjoyed keeping up to date with them.
Take care, Karen

Check out those eyes - do you see any Johnston there??

And do see him sitting up all by himself? Way to go, Owen!

Love you all. Grandma Poppi

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Traci said...

I want to know which dwarf is Evan, maybe sneezy! I can think of a few. Owen is so cute and getting so big. I love being able to keep in touch with you.

Love, T