Thursday, May 19, 2011

Never thought I would see the day!

It seems like I have spent my life trying to save my teeth. I would really like to know the amount of money that has been spent in that pursuit.

I had really cute baby teeth. Only thing is, they did not fall out like most kids. My Mom became quite concerned when at 8 years old, I had not lost a tooth. So she carted me off to a dentist and a doctor, who gave me gas and pulled all my front top and bottom teeth.

When they gave me the gas and I was out, I all at once sat straight up and started screaming my lungs out. My Mom started screaming, Oh my you are hurting my darling daughter, and they had to escort her out of the room. I actually was not hurting, I believe it was just a reaction to the gas.

When we left the doctors office, my Mom and Grandma stopped and bought me some scissors and paper dolls. When we got home they were in the kitchen talking and I went into the living room and slid behind a chair. Instead of cutting out the paper dolls, I proceeded to take those scissors and cut off all my eyebrows and eyelashes. When my Mom came to check on me, she started screaming again. Here I sat with no teeth, no expression with no eyebrows or eyelashes. Must have been a pretty sight. Horrid thing was that I had just started at a new school and had to go to school looking like that.

Eventually I got my 2nd teeth only to have them come in all crooked. So then I wore braces for 5 years.

As years went by I lost a few teeth, had gum problems, got bridges, had root canals, crowns etc. Sometimes we had insurance and sometimes we didn't. My hubby was having dental problems along with me. Of course there were 7 children who needed dental care also. Not complaining that was just the way it was.

What I am getting at here is, what happened to me yesterday. I got up and had some swollen gums. Since I am planning to take a little trip next week, I thought I had best call my dentist and see what was going on. When I called them they said, Oh doctor is out of town till next week for his daughters wedding. But they said why don't you come in and we can take an xray and if you have an infection we can get you some drugs. When I got to the office, I was surprised to see my former dentist, who has retired standing there. I said what are you doing here and he said I thought I would see what is going on with you. Now this dentist is just the nicest man I know and also very good looking. Sometimes I am sad he is happily married to his lovely wife of many years(just kidding). Even tho I like the new dentist, I was very sad when this one retired.

So they take an xray, he checks my problem and we have some nice chats to catch up on our lives. He says I do not have an infection that will be helped by drugs or a tooth problem. More like a viral infection or irritation. Kinda like a canker sore on the gum. He gave me some stuff to rub on my gums and said it would go away in a few days. So I get up to leave and he follows me out to reception desk and we are chatting the whole time. At last I say, well I guess you had better give me the bill and they say, oh there is not charge! WHAT!!!!! In all these years that is the first time I have not had a bill at a dentist office...I still can not believe it. I knew I liked that man. Kinda made my day!! Guess there are some advantages to being a Sweet (debatable)Little(debatable) Old (not debatable) Lady after all.

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