Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today as I was going through some drawers full of lots of old pictures and such I found something kinda interesting. It was interesting to me because in my last post I wrote about my birthday.  So what I found was the hospital bill for my birth 74 year ago.  There seems to be quite a difference from the hospital bills of today. The bill was for $50.00 and my Mom spent 10 days in the hospital.  To be fair, I guess I should say that I think my Dad was making $15.00 a week delivering coal and my Mom was not working.  When my folks first got married, my Dad had a paper route which paid him $2.00 a week and my Mom earned $2.00 a week working for some rich folks.  She cleaned, cooked, did laundry and ironed.  She managed to save enough money out of those earnings to buy my Dad his first ever top coat.  Amazing.

Some day I will post a picture of my Dad  in his that new top coat.  He really looked quite dapper.

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