Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On September 17, 2010 my 15th grandchild, Tessa Ann Johnston was born. Tessa is the 2nd daughter of my son. Evan and his wife, Traci. They had trouble having babies until they had invitro and their first daughter, Tori was born about 6 years ago. A truly beautiful miracle baby.They were able to save some embryos for another time.  When the time came to have another child, they used their saved embryos to no avail, so they went thru the whole grueling invitro procedure again.  But again it did not work.  After so many disappointments they decided it was not to be and were thankful they at least had Tori.  But lo and behold, God worked another miracle and they became pregnant the old fashion way and beautiful Tessa joined their family . We welcome you, Tessa into our family and we are so glad you are here!!

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