Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where did the summer go?

Seems we celebrated Labor Day and summer ended even tho it does not officially end until late September. Lots of wind and cooler temps have arrived and like always I am not ready to give up summer.

It was a beautful summer. So much better than last summer. Was to hot in many areas of the country, but here by the lake it was marvelous. Never turned on the air conditioner.

The summer started with my Dad's memorial service. It was simple and heartfelt and I think Dad would have been pleased both with the service and the many friends and relatives that came to honor him. Always so sad to say goodby to those we love. In the last 7 years we have had to say goodbye to way to many family members and friends. Life does go on, but never is quite the same.
It was a bittersweet time. Tough to say goodbye to Dad, but wonderful to have so much of my family together. All were here, except one granddaughter. While here, my twin girls turned 50 years old. Man oh man did those years fly by.

My brother and sister in law invited the whole gang to their place for a big party, where we actually celebrated five June birthdays. Erin, Elin, Campbell, Katy and Julie. Was a great party. After everyone left, my son Ethan and his family stayed on for a while and so enjoyed getting to spend that extra time with all of them.

The rest of the summer was filled with friends and family visiting.  Lots of trips to beach and State Park. Must say I really enjoyed my first summer here by the lake.  It is truly a beautiful spot.  I would love to be sharing it with John, but that was not meant to be I guess.  There are times I seem to feel his presence so perhaps he is still coming around to be with me.  I hope so.

Had some fun filled days up at Susan's with the girls, The Sisterhood with the View.

In July I attended my 55th high school reunion.  We all had a wonderful time.  We are all alarmed tho that our next reunion in 5 years we will all be mighty close to 80 years old. Yikes!!  Those years have certainly flown by quickly. 
Mt Pleasant High School Class of 1955

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