Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break Fun 2009

For Spring Break we drove from Michigan to Iowa one day and picked up my grandson, Jonathan and granddaughter, Katy and drove the next day to Arkansas.

Spring had sprung in Arkansas and it was quite beautiful .

Beautiful Redbud Tree in Arkansas.

Can you see the duck?

Wildflowers in the woods.

While in AR the family climbed Pinnacle mountain one day .

Here are some of the mighty mountain climbers before the climb.

Here are Lydia, Tori and Maddie.

Katy and Maddie.

Here is the view at the top of the mountain. I'm happy to say everyone made it to the top. I did not climb the mountain. I stayed at home by the pool.

I do believe everyone was quite tired after the climb. Altho I do not see any kids that look tired!

On our way back to Iowa we stopped at the Hurricane Cave in Northern AR.

Elie, Jonathan and Katy took the tour. I did not go. I am not fond of bats. I'm more of a sunshine person.

Elie and the kids loved it tho.

All and all it was it was a great vacation. Covered lots of miles, but it was so worth it.

When we got back to Iowa we got to spend time with more family. All the cousins had a great time together.

Here is Owen with Jonathan.

When we got to Michigan we had to put away our shorts and bathing suits and get out our winter coats and boots. We are all pretty sick of winter up here and are really looking forward to seeing some Redbud trees of our own soon.


Doodles said...

you have a beautiful family and those are beautiful photos of your trip.

Spring is my favorite time.

Grandma Poppi said...

Thanks Doodles. I love spring also, but in these parts it seems a long time coming!

Traci said...

Great pictures! So glad you enjoyed your visit in Arkansas.

Karen said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.