Thursday, February 28, 2008

News from Maya

Thought I would sent you all some pictures of Maddie, Lydia and Hayden. Rec'd a nice note from Maya and she kinda caught me up on their lives. They got a new puppy, cause they were all missing Lucy so much. Have a new border collie (she can herd the kids) and Maddie named her Josie.
Lydia is liking school and has become a geography nut, or so says her Mom. Likes making maps and singing "The Continent Song".
Isn't she beautiful in her Princess dress? Seems to me she is looking more and more like Maddie!
Maddie and Lydia with their American Girl Dolls. We are all going to Chicago some day and have lunch at the American Girl store. Maddie is loving reading all the stories about the American Girls.

Hayden is now talking up a storm and says "I wuv you" and gives great hugs and kisses, if they can catch him!! In Maya's words he is a pill. Must be like Maya, cause Ethan was the perfect child!!
Sounds like the whole family has really enjoyed the very snowy, long and cold winter, just like the rest of us. Guess Ethan's busniness has been a little slow, but I bet it will start to pick up soon. I am beginning to get hints of spring among the snowflakes. Lots of birds flitting around and squirrels are chasing each other all over the place. I'm excited, cause they say it could get up into the 40's this weekend before the temps plunge again next week! They are talking about coming up around July 4th. I am so ready for family to come up here!!
Really miss you all.
By the way if you click on the pictures, you can enlarge them!!
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